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Силы природы: огоньки. Осенняя огоньками древняя шкура

Мегацикл чемпиона - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Maick

You can view it in 3d, here.

Комментарий от Tcip

Price: 100.000 Gold

Комментарий от Yondaimekage

100k is a joke.

Комментарий от Sarthorius

100k in WoD would be as 10k in MoP I presume, since the Yak with vendors from MoP is a bit more expensive than this one, although its price justifies its 'utility'. People in WoD might 'farm' more gold, at least in the beginning of the expansion, but I'd advise to think wisely before spending such amounts so hastily.

Комментарий от Gigabear

So, since they're going to charge for the price of a utility mount, why not have this item ACTUALLY cut up dead taurens into Tri-Tip steaks? If it did that then it might actually be worth such a high cost.

Комментарий от Sinrozar

I'm not crazy about it's look...like a cross between a beetle and a snowmobile. It's a snowmobeetle!

Комментарий от PunterHunter

I'll be honest, I think 100k is a little steep, and a couple people have said that is the price of a utility mount in Pandaria (not exactly but almost), HOWEVER with that said I'm just thankful that they added it into the game at all considering they said only one would make it as an in-game mount, yes most of us said that this would happen in some form, but blizzard could have stuck to their guns and said "No! you aren't having it!" so yea

Комментарий от Layfe

100k sounds steep BUT Justice points and Valor Points are being taken out of the game. If I understand correctly, there will be more gold rewards than there has been in previous expansions because of this. It sounds steep to Pandaria standards, but we still don't know how the gold levels are going to function in Warlords.

Комментарий от Aclayrules

Checking the Beta today showed that the bike and the vendor were removed. It was even removed from the journal. Maybe it's being removed?

Комментарий от Cyan

Stop whining how 100k is steep and be grateful that Blizzard gave in to alliance whiners and put the bike in the game. Horde bike won.

Watch how this gets downvoted by the said whiners.

Комментарий от elionor

blizzard owes me 70 minutes for the time i spent watching this crap. The fact that they are adding both these mounts and that they are making it so damn easy to obtain the loser mount (in every sense of the word), is just the cherry on top of an already mediocre at best cake. Its one retaining quality, was that only ONE side would get the mount and now thats been shot all to hell. Honestly, it continues to amaze me how low blizzard is willing to stoop for a little publicity and it honestly, is getting harder to find a good answer to why i continue to put up with this BS. I have always been a loyal customer, but even i have my limits. With stunts like this, its no wonder they are bleeding subscribers profusely and its not just because of the end of expansion drawl either. Mark my words, if they continue down this path of screwing their fan base, they will wind up without even a bucket to crap in.

Комментарий от rotsenix

This was a very stupid and obsolete contest. Everyone knows there are way more many horde players than alliance. Even the people that work at blizzard are mostly horde. So even if the horde mount was a pogo stick, they wouldve won anyway. This wasnt a contest, this was a slap in the face to the alliance.

Комментарий от Tertiam

Sold by Paulie in Stormwind's Old Town. He is in the center courtyard near the well. If you use TomTom, the coordinates are 73.2, 59.4. The Champion's Treadblade costs 100,000 gold. It appears that he is not yet in the live build. He may be moved when and if they put him back in. Still not in the game as of the launch of Warlords.

EDIT: He is back where he is supposed to be.

Комментарий от ThunderbirdEonar

For who is wondering where you can buy this.....see this NPC: Поли

Комментарий от Zamino

According to Ian "Red Shirt Guy" Bates, who was talking to Monte Krol at Blizzcon, he claims that Blizzard never liked the design of the Champion's Treadblade, so that can be the reason to why it isnt ingame yet.Maby they want to redesign it, maby they wont release it at all or maby its just deleayd. :)We will have to wait and see.Here is link to the post "Red Shirt Guy" made:http://www.scrollsoflore.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1227008&postcount=965

Комментарий от Reallia

I can't get over the fact how much this bike looks like an armored bug, blech. FOR THE HORDE!

Комментарий от Haaks

It has been added people!

Paulie and the Champions Treadblade are now in the live game.Paulie can be found in Stormwind's Old Town, at coordinates: 73.2, 59.4.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug. The mount does not appear in the mount tab, even if you have bought and learned it. It has now been fixed! (04.12.14) Enjoy:)

If you are wanting it badly, like myself, I suggest waiting until this issue has been resolved.

I have ticketed the issue and I am currently awaiting a response.

NOTE: /use Champion's Treadblade works. So if you have bought it/will buy it, use this macro for now.Note 2: It DOES count towards the mount achievements, even though it's not displayed in the mount tab.

It's also worth nothing that the /mountspecial is completely unique. It's a two round doughnut, or circle-drift or whatever you crazy kids call it nowadays.

Комментарий от Ayanarah

Ditto on that. Decided to take the plunge and put the money in Paulie's hands, get it in my pack, learn it, and nothing. Maybe they have to custom make it now that we paid/ordered it? LOL

Ticket submitted as well. Gotta love how as you start submitting the ticket it says 24/7 support, someone will be with you in minutes. Then once you submit it....4days, 18hrs is the posted wait time. Really Blizz? All this money coming in and you can't higher some extra help for support? Lots of folks looking to make a little extra for the Holidays. Sigh.....

No mount in the tab showing, learned or unlearned. Though if you look at it to buy it again from the vendor, it does show you know it..

Confirmed work around. The use command is perfect. I keep my favorite mounts on an action bar so I just created a macro for it..

What I did:

Create Macro. Name it what ever you wish (I just hit the space bar once as I do not want a name on the macro).Put "/use Champion's Treadblade" in the action line.Then, if you scroll up the icon list from bottom to top, just a bit before 1/3 of the way up the list you will find the actual icon for the Treadblade.

And there we go, would never know anything is wrong! Thanks for the great use command MitriyEversong!

Комментарий от MitriyEversong

Available since now, price 100k gold, summon only with macro /use Champion's Treadblade

Комментарий от hossebo

Can't find it? it's a bug you need 2 put it on your action bar then click and learn it or use command /use CHAMPION'S TREADBLADE in a macro

Комментарий от Kurgan2

I'm just bummed that the Horde mount was only available during a certain timeframe. I was unfortunately an a break from WoW during that time, so I missed out. Makes my various Pandaren sad pandas :)

Комментарий от Philarious

Didn't see it mentioned yet, but for those wondering if there's an achievement tied to getting it -- there is not.

For 100K, you would think an achievement would unlock with it as well like the "Get to the Choppa!" achievement for the other craftable bikes. The Horde Warlord bike got an achievement (which I can understand since it was the winner of the Azeroth Choppers contest).

Like the Warlord bike, it does have that bad-ass idle chopper noise and gives the sound of shifting gears as your riding it unlike the craftable bikes. Also, you can hear the sound of a lion roar when you mount it. Not sure if the horde counterpart does that (can't remember at the time of typing this).

But definitely buyer-beware for those on the fence about buying it. No extra frills included (no achievement, no extra seat for 2nd person). Just a 100,000g mount.

Комментарий от Sharpbladez

Make sure you make a macro and spam /mountspecial

Комментарий от Sarnoth

Yeah, I bought it. I know the 100k is a slap in the face to Alliance... but I don't care.


And I will show it off every way I can!

Комментарий от robog2

This was a pure fight and you allys lost.FOR THE HORDE!

But from your point of view think of it this way. 100k for a decent looking mount.

Комментарий от StormGryphon

Bought mine and it's not showing up in my mount journal. It says I know it if I mouse over it from the vendor or click the name in chat, but I don't seem to actually have it. Has this happened with anybody else?

Комментарий от FrostKittyPaw

There was a bug causing some players to not see the Champion's Treadblade in their mount journal. This has now been resolved, as confirmed my BlizzardCS's comment on 12/5/14. If you still have issues, please see BlizzardCS's comment or use the macro below (English client):

#showtooltip Champion's Treadblade/cast Champion's Treadblade

Description in the mount journal:-"Forged by human, gnome and dwarf, this armored masterpiece is designed to slice a tauren into a tri-tip dinner with a flick of the handlebars."

Also note, this mount is a single player mount. However, it does have custom animations and a sweet mountspecial. For the mountspecial the bike does a 360 degree turn around a pivot point in left front corner of the bike. Perfect for intimidating tiny critters. And other small creatures.

Champion's Treadblade: (1-seat)-Aliance: Мегацикл чемпиона-Rewards: None.-Source: Sold for 100,000 gold from Поли in Old Town Stormwind City ( Штормград )

Horde Verison: (1-seat)-Horde: Смертоцикл вождя-Rewards: Смертоцикл вождя-Source: Azeroth Choppers promotion prior to Warlords launch

Engineering WotLK Bikes: (2 seats)-Alliance/Horde: Анжинерский чоппер / Механоцикл-Rewards: Это не мотоцикл, детка-Source: Engineering Схема: анжинерский чоппер / Схема: механоцикл

To put the 100,000 gold cost for the treadblade in perspective:-If you made a level 1 male human warrior and sold all gear to a vendor, you will receive 9 copper. This means you would have to create and strip (and trade 9 copper to a friend) 111,111,112 level 1 male warriors to buy this bike. If it took you ~1 minute per a character then it would take approximately 211.4 YEARS to buy this mount. You might want to start farming soon...

(If I got something wrong, let me know and I'll fix it.)

Комментарий от meganerd18

Nobody thought to put a 'Bought from' tab I noticed. Where's the vendor that has this?

Комментарий от Baelof

To further add to the badass factor of this mount, it's engine starts up with what sounds like a lions roar.

Комментарий от BlizzardCS

Update: This issue is now resolved. Please, restart the game client and the Battle.net Desktop App to make Champion's Treadblade appear in your mount journal.

There is currently a bug causing this mount not to appear in the mount journal. We’re working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible but in the meantime you can create this macro as a temporary workaround:

#showtooltip Champion's Treadblade/cast Champion's Treadblade

PLEASE NOTE: The name of the mount must be in the language of the game client you are using. Change the language of this page in the top-right corner to the language of your game and check the official ‘blue’ comment there for the appropriate macro.

Комментарий от Hydranth

Yeah...I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford this mount. I'd rather use that gold for other things or other mounts. I still have trouble raising enough for the mount with the 2 bots.

Комментарий от Heyfray

This thing looks like crap and its a 100k? I wouldn't pay 2k for it

Комментарий от epicubermensch

As of 12/2/2014 the bike is now available live it cost 100,000 gold and is awesome as can be.

Комментарий от ChrisAKAPiefish

Why would you buy this over the Mekgineers chopper which is far cheaper and better looking?

Comment is now at -4...well 5 people that bought the mount obviously disagree with this.

Комментарий от soundax

I play alliance and voted for Horde because this bike looks like garbage. I watched the series and they were trying to capture the alliance feel, but this is just swords and metal.

Комментарий от GreySage

Wow, alliance bike actually looks pretty stupid, but still way better than the horde bike, and they get theirs for free? This is already world of hordecraft, but this is some stupid BS.

Комментарий от Havsoga

Just a kind heads-up so you don't do what I did. The keys to the mount are "Bind on Pickup", so don't buy it on your level 1 banker. You need lvl 40 to use it... Reading tooltips is hard sometimes. "smashes head into keyboard"

Edit 14-12-14Yay! A kind GM moved the keys to my main so I could learn it there instead. Didn't expect that, actually, so I started leveling my bank-alt. Got to lvl 30 before they had time to reply...

Комментарий от Exizter

A little video that shows where to buy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGxZ__P4IC8

Комментарий от ShiroHikari43

Just bought this beautiful piece of alliance engineering, and I must say I'm rather satisfied, totally worth the g's I spent on it, still had 12K left after I bought it, so I'm not completely broke :D

Комментарий от MissAshleighK

I wish they would have made it just a teeny more realistic. Same with the horde bike. Sure the tank treads look hard and rugged, but it would only go like, 5 mph in real life? And the Alliance bike is worse, both front and back have that dumb tread. And yes it does make it look like a snowmobeetle! lol

Комментарий от slarosa

For any one who thinks this is over priced there is a place we can vent strait to blizz here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699089868?page=1#14

Комментарий от Dianora

As my screenshot shows, gnomes stands on this bike.

Комментарий от Astralon

And you thought Драгоценная ониксовая пантера was expensive!

Комментарий от Gigabear

My thinking on the whole choppergate thing has changed as of late. At first I was rather upset the horde got handed a free bike, but then I realized that maybe they got shafted in a way. You see, the horde chopper is so common that literally everyone has it, so it really means NOTHING to own one. However, the alliance chopper is going to be very rare due to it's price point. So really, horde got a free bike that is worthless since everyone has it anyway, and alliance got a collectors item that has to be earned. I think I'd rather have a bike that people will actually notice than one nobody will, even if I have to work for it.

Комментарий от spiny64

I was actually reluctant to buy this mount, but I decided to spend most of my time farming gold. Was able to make the 40k+ I needed for the purchase in about 2 months. I am actually very happy with the purchase.

It might not be as representative of the Faction as the Horde Bike, but I still like this one better because I love tank treads and TBH the Horde's is a Trike, not a chopper. The sound is great and love the new chopper mount position for the characters.

I know 100k gold is a lot of work but this is a definite eye opener and something you wont see on every corner. If you don't like it that's fine, but I you have the gold and crave it, is definitely recommended.

Комментарий от NexGenCN

It took me ages to save up 40,000G for a vial of the sands, how the hell do they expect anyone to pay 100K? I hope they lower the price cause I am not paying that much.

Комментарий от kmas

Say what you will but I actually like this mount more than horde version.

It looks great with any race unlike horde trike which is too small and looks silly from the back

It's especially great for pandaren - in fact to me it's the only mount male pandaren looks good on...

Oh and the price is fine I think - it was easy to make a couple hundred thousand gold before I got too bored to keep doing it. Basically I leveled 7 tank alts to 100 and farmed savage bloods with all of them to keep all their barns fully work loaded. That yielded about 10k per day which is just about 2 weeks for 100k target. Right now though with much lower prices it's not worth the time I guess.

Комментарий от Gigabear

Just bought this tonight. So far I have 2 "tricks" I like to do. One is to use a left keyboard turn during the mount special, which makes it spin faster, the other is a wheelie where you pop aspect of the fox+ mount and then deepstone oil in midair. You will land and be froozen but have the front of the bike in the air.

Комментарий от Zaynah

Paulie does not seem to be associated with Stormwind, so there is no reputation discount for Stormwind rep when buying this bike.

Комментарий от Gigabear

After much testing, I can confirm this item DOES NOT actually slice a tauren into a tri-tip dinner. I still need Набор ножей Гинь-Цзи for that.

Комментарий от Cosmonaut99

Hmm ok.

So agreed this is a totally & utterly ridiculous amount of gold to spend on 1 mount (which doesn't offer any other benefits besides transport alone).

Having bought mine.. would I do it again ? * In a heart beat *.

At the end of the day it's all about fun... and this really is great fun.Driving around like an idiot with a huge grin says it all.

One bonus to point out. If you have the mark of warsong enchantment on your weapons (in belt scabbards), then it the flame effect comes through the back of the bike - making it look like the engine has flames coming out of it... nice.

Terrible use of gold.Phenomenal investment in fun.

Комментарий от mahamdmss

warning if you buy this mount and mount it people well assume you are rich and ask you for money

Комментарий от biggaz69

Yep, I'll never be able to afford this...ah well

Комментарий от Veyra

I have made a suggestion about this, it would be the fact that everything about it supports going on water. i dont really see why it should not be able to drive on the water without sinking. just wanted to see if people agree on this and maybe it could become possible?

Комментарий от LilNicky99

This mount is worth every penny, it makes everyone mad at me. But I think it's because they're jealous.

Комментарий от BlackMilk

For those few people who don't know what the deal is with this mount or how/why it came to be in the game...

Little explanation for the name of the NPC that sells it:

(from memory, might not be 100% accurate)Prior to the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion pack, Blizzard approached Paul Teutul Jr., known from TV's American Chopper where he worked with his dad, before branching off and starting his own motorcycle shop.Blizzard wanted Paul and his team to create motorcycles in the style of the main Warcraft factions and they made it into a little contest. The builders were divided into two teams, who listened to Blizzard's wishes and familiarised themselves with World of Warcraft before getting to work. The result was two awesome fantasy themed motorcycles, and they were unveiled at a special event where the guys from Blizzard tallied the votes made by players from all around the world, and revealed that eventually, the majority of players found the Horde bike the best one.That motorcycle was added to the game and called the Warlord's Deathwheel, given free to Horde players. I believe there was a single requirement, perhaps either having cast a vote or just being active at the time.The Alliance bike was also added because obviously people felt it was unfair to deny approximately half the playerbase an equally cool bike, but since it did lose the contest, it was thrown into the game and is now being sold at a high price.

This is fairly obvious but I'll just point it out: owners of the Смертоцикл вождя did not acquire a free Champion's Treadblade. Unlike certain mounts like the Kor'kron Annihilator and the Golden King.Allowing for that would be ridiculous in a bunch of ways.


Opinion: As a Horde player who is very happy with the Warlord's Deathwheel, I have to say that this bike also looks excellent. The price in my opinion is far too high and shouldn't have been more than a couple of thousand of gold pieces, so as to make the price more of a formality for the "losers" of the contest.

The argument about which side really lost is rather silly. Both motorcycles look great in their respective themes. The Horde players got theirs for free, the Alliance players didn't. Sure, there are some players who don't care what something looks like, only if it's unique/rare. But just because you feel that the Alliance motorcycle is therefor better than the Horde one, doesn't actually make it so, since this is 100% opinion. I'm sure that they differ only in appearance, not performance. And different players care about different things. Many players just want to collect cool looking mounts, and since this is one of them, they will not be happy with the 100k gold price tag.I plan on adding this to my collection somewhere in the future, I might even try to purchase this before I get the Поводья большого яка для путешествий (which costs 120k), since there are other, cheaper yaks available and it's really just a glorified Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. Personally, and I'm sure many out there will feel the same, I don't care how many other players own the mount. There are plenty of items in the game (weapons, mounts, pets) that I enjoy equally, and not all of them are expensive vendor items or rare drops. They're fun to use, nice to look at and that's what matters to me.In the end, we're all winners!

For the Horde AND the Alliance, anyone?

Комментарий от TonyB500

As someone who just joined this year and plays Horde 90% of the time, I actually find it insulting that the Horde's chopper isn't available even though they WON the contest. No fairness for newer Horde players.

Комментарий от Xella

This mount does contribute to Властелин поводьев (or its previous incarnations) as of Feb 12, 2016, but you may need to log completely out of your account and back in to see your mount total change reflected. I don't know if my total not incrementing originally was because that particular achievement is wonky or if it's some interaction with already having the free Horde version, but both reloading my UI and relogging/swapping characters didn't move me from 294 to 295, but logging completely out (to the login screen) and back in again worked.

Комментарий от mm0p

Had a chat with two GMs over the last couple of days about wheter or not this mount can be purchased on alliance and count towards the horde version of the lord of reins achievement IF you do not already own the horde version of this mount. The answer i got, was "it likely won't count", which i felt was a horrible answer from a blizzard GM. I wrote in my review that i was not happy with the answer i had been given, and another GM contacted me the day after saying that they do infact have no idea wheter or this is the case or not, and that i could always take the risk and test it out for myself.

So has anyone tested this?

Комментарий от Baneleaf

So since the horde won the "contest" for this mount I had it on my horde toons but I wanted one to count towards my mount total on alliance since that is my main. I was sitting at 309 mounts as of this morning and purchased this mount and my mount total is still 309. We were told that it would not count for alliance since it was a horde only mound and guess what, it does not count. Oh well, another 100k down the drain but at least it was from an off server alt that I farm wow tokens on.

Комментарий от Allyosaugh

if you're wondering whether or not this counts towards your mount total as some people have asked earlier, the answer is yes, but only if your highest character mount count is on alliance.the way the achievement works is it counts the highest amount of usable mounts you have on any one character. however, when you press shift+P, that shows the amount of mounts you have on your account. the achievement tracks the highest amount of mounts that any one of your characters can actually use.what this means is, let's say you have 297 (usable) mounts on your mage. then, you get one more mount and learn it on that character. your total character mounts will then rise to 298. however, if you log off of your mage and log onto a paladin, you will suddenly get the achievement for 300 mounts. this is because paladins, warlocks and death knights have extra mounts that count towards the achievement only if they are usable. since these class mounts aren't usable on other characters, they don't count for those characters.what this means concerning the bikes is that alliance and horde characters will have a different number of usable mounts. if you have more faction-specific mounts for alliance then horde, then yes this mount will count. however, if (for example) you have every racial mount for each faction but several argent tournament mounts as well as the bike on your horde, buying this mount will do absolutely nothing for your mount progress.

Комментарий от trunks31478

Is there a reputation discount? Like if you're exalted with Stormwind, does it cost less like 75k instead?

Комментарий от msdirect

For those saying that it is unfair to have this mount cost so much when the Horde version was free.... let us think about a few things here.

It was brought about by a special promotion in which they made a few things stipulations/results of this promo clear. 1. The Bikes would be voted on. 2. The winning bike would be created in game and given for free for a certain time.3. At no time did they state that the Alliance bike would ever be created or offered, but due to the fact that they actually do listen to gamer feedback, they decided to put it in.

So, then let us think about rarity, availability, fairness here.

Horde- Free, but for a limited time. All they had to do was log in during the Promo period between 24th of July and the 30th of September 2014. Even with this, according to Wowhead, only 47% of profiles have the mount,

Alliance- Created due to player requests. Then comes the question of how can they make this mount feel just as rare or special as the one from the promo? Answer, higher cost. Possibly quest line but either would have caused a bit of discontent and the claim that it is not "fair". (Not much in life is "fair" really...) With the high cost, less will buy it due to being unable to afford it or justification of spending. According to Wowhead, only 6% of profiles have it making it the rarer and more special/unique of the two.

So while yeah, the horde version was free, the Alliance version is still obtainable in the game if you have the gold. Horde side, if you did not log in, you cannot get it at all.

Комментарий от Wachilia

He is in an alley across from the "Pig and Whistle Tavern" in Old town(Stormwind). Will post /way once I go back there.

Комментарий от Sumona

The front fender is so gae..

It should've been an Eagle head or something.. not that small, poncy shield..


Силы природы: огоньки - Задание

Краткая информация
Используйте свисток Тессины, чтобы призвать 3 огонька Оперенной Луны. Прилагается предмет:


Часовые составляют ядро наших сил в этом краю, но армия ночных эльфов никогда не ограничивалась собственно ночными эльфами. Все существа, делящие с нами кров этого леса, издавна являлись нашими верными защитниками. Нам нужно только напомнить им об узах древней дружбы.

Возьми этот свисток – наши союзники знают его звук – и призови их под наши знамена.

Прежде чем ты отправишься собирать их, советую потренироваться в обращении со свистком на огоньках. Найти подходящие объекты для призыва можно в лесу за стенами крепости.

Огоньки всегда жили в гармонии с нашим народом, и мы многим им обязаны. Эти крошки, которых ты к нам прислал помогут нам с постройкой и ремонтом крепости.

Ну что, готов на подвиги?


Вы получите: 35 (или 3 60 на 110-м уровне)


По завершении этого задания вы получите:


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  1. Он устанавливает и обновляет аддон Wowhead Looter, который собирает данные, пока вы играете!  

  2. Он загружает собранные данные на Wowhead, обновляя базу данных!  

Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания! 

Чего же вы ждете? Скачайте клиент Wowhead. 


Разжигая старый огонь - Задание


Комментарий от bananarancher

Firaga is a fire elemental at the back of Magnarok near the water (coords 75,30).

Комментарий от axolotls

You'll follow the stairs up to your right after picking up the quest, and at the top you'll find his flame to bring back down. You cannot mount, you'll have to run down back to him, with the flame slowly dying. There will be a bonfire about halfway down for you to rekindle the flame. If you get hit while holding the flame, you'll drop it and have some time to kill the mob and pick it up again, without starting over.

Комментарий от NathanSY

When you pick up this quest, the "Kindling Flame" is something you will collect by clicking on a large fire crystal up the large hill from the quest giver. You simply need to run back to the quest giver once you have it. Things to note:1. Mounting will not increase you move speed when carrying the flame2. Movement speed abilities still work3. The "Flame" dies over time, but can be recharged at a "Kindling Flame" (found halfway along the hill)4. Getting hit by a tornado/ground effect will knock the flame from your hands, but you can pick it back up.

This quest does not interact with rarespawns, or rep. It does give the achievement Огнем вы будете... едины?, but only if you don't use the kindling flame on the way to the quest giver. (Move fast!)

Комментарий от MissSea

There seems to be a bug at the moment ... I didn't know I couldn't mount up, and when I did, the flame took a major hit. I tried to abandon the quest and restart it, but it wasn't available to me. I did, however, ding the achieve.

Комментарий от MooMan65

Currently this daily does not seem to be offered if you have completed Атака на Магнарок. I had filled the progress bar and could not see the daily being offered, but when I abandoned and picked up Атака на Магнарок again, this daily appeared. Not sure if this is intended or not, as other things like interacting with the eggs in the area also don't work once you complete progress on the garrison daily.

Комментарий от renegade14

Used engineering belt, it broke and pushed me in the air and then I used the glider, easy as a pie, completed in less then 10seconds,.

Комментарий от ropiv

By the time I figured out what I was doing, the flame had gone out. I mounted, and it was knocked from my hands, but I could pick it back up -- even though it was extinguished.

Ran back to the quest giver, still with extinguished Essence of Flame in my hand. Abandoned the quest beside of the quest giver. The essence fell to the ground. I re-accepted quest, picked up the Essence, and got the achievement and completion of the quest immediately.

Just an FYI

Комментарий от Hairband

So it the Essence of Flame in your inventory or a buff on you?

ETA: Oh I see what it is now. When you run up on the hill pathway high enough, you see this crystal on the right of this big circular floor spinning and flashing round. You right click it and you get a buff and a large timer UI showing percent on time of the buff. You run down the hill 1/2 way and "rekindle" the flame back to 100% unless you get hit by a wind tornado thingy. If so, you have to run back to the crystal and reclick it to get your 100% buff back.

If you still have the buff on when you reach the boss you can get the quest done.

Комментарий от cparle87

Seems to be bugged currently. Tried several times using different methods. No matter what I did, or what percent the flame was still at, it would blow out when I was a few feet away from the questgiver. Without using flame it was still 30%+, using flame to refill it was 60%+.

Комментарий от gverderamo

Well, it is working perfectly now. I got the flame. Was knocked from my hands a few times by mobs and the whirlwinds, but it refilled to 100% at the flame halfway down the hill. I made it to the quest giver with the flame still lit and completed the quest. Returned to my garrison and turned in the Apexis daily.

Комментарий от NFalcon

How to make this quest easy as pie:

Череп сумасшедшего вождя

Комментарий от Eido

In order to do this quest, you must run up the hill, south of the questgiver. When you reach the top of the hill (where Врок Древний spawns), you will see a floating crystal on the right, surrounded by fire. This crystal is called Сущность огня.

When you click on the crystal you will get a debuff: Сущность огня. With this debuff active, you must run back down to Фирага. Currently there is a bug which lets you complete the quest even without this debuff active.

If you take too long, the crystal's flame will burn out, giving you the debuff: Выгорание!. If this happens, you can simply walk down the hill to the Разгорающееся пламя to recharge.

Related achievement: Огнем вы будете... едины?.

Комментарий от prudychick

Druids can carry the flame without dropping it while in travel form.

Комментарий от eyekahn

ow that we have flying in Draenor it should be noted that if you get off the ground on a flying mount it will automatically drop the torch from your hands. Plan accordingly.

Комментарий от Endinglife

How am I able to talk to this NPC to get the quest? I have read that you cannot have the Magnarok quest active, but I do not, and I still do not have the ability to pick up this quest. Any ideas?

Комментарий от theallien

a verry easy achievement, just take the flame and never mind if it drop or not. just go to the quest giver ... acvhievement granted.


Чья история запечатлена в легенде: Немного земли - величиной только с бычью шкуру?

В рассказах Н.М.Пржевальского есть такая легенда, которую он услышал от тибетцев. Она как-то пояснила путешественникам ощутимое недоверие местных.


Многие из местных легенд отличаются оригинальностью. Есть легенда, очень напоминающая легенду о построении Дидоною Карфагена.

Во времена весьма давние пришел будто бы на границу Тибета какой-то ян-гуйза с тем, чтобы пробраться внутрь страны, но его туда не пустили. Тогда он попросил, чтобы ему продали кусок земли, равный бычачьей шкуре. Тибетцы согласились на это, заключили формальное условие и взяли деньги. Ян-гуйза изрезал кожу на тонкие ремешки и обвел ими большое пространство земли, которое оспаривать у него никто не мог. С тех пор тибетцы стали бояться хитрых европейцев.

О Дидоне (в римской мифологии царица, основательница Карфагена) обычно говорится следующее... Бежав после смерти мужа со многими спутниками и сокровищами в АФРИКУ, Дидона купила у берберского царя Ярба землю. По условию она могла взять столько земли, сколько покроет бычья шкура; разрезав шкуру на тонкие ремни, Дидона окружила ими большой участок и основала на этой земле цитадель Карфагена Бирсу"

Повторяется ли этот сюжет еще где-либо? - Да и, как оказывается, немало.

Схожий сюжет записан Л.С.Толстовой в Хиве, у туркмен в ХХ веке. В этой легенде говорится о том, как Хазират Полван-ата сумел обманным путем потребовать у царя Индии столько людей, сколько поместиться на шкуре коровы: разрезав шкуру коровы на тонкие ремешки, он окружил большую территорию, на которой разместил много людей; людей этих он отвел в Хорезм.

Многочисленные легенды о быке, помогающим людям освоить новые земли, или оказавшим услуги при заложении новых городов и селений зафиксированы Г.П. Снесаревым у тюркоязычного населения Хорезмского оазиса. Например, у этого автора также имеется мотив плутовства, обмана при освоении новых земель, когда новопоселенцы просят у хозяев “немного земли - величиной только с бычью шкуру”.

Обнаружен этот сюжет и у малочисленного северного народа юкагиры, язык которых исследователи до сих пор затрудняются отнести к определенной языковой семье. В юкагирской легенде “Петр Бэрбэкин” рассказывается как Петра Бэрбэкина старики отправляют к владыке Верхнего мира. Петр Бэрбэкин берет бычью шкуру, разрезает его по кругу узкой ленточкой и получилась у него длинная лента. Придя на Верхний мир, Петр лентой окружил себе огромную площадь, границу сделал и внутри нее рассыпал землю, прихваченную с собой и по четырем углам поставил кресты. Таким образом, он себе среднюю землю сделал и стал здесь жить. Владыка Верхнего мира послал своих подчиненных, чтобы те наказали Петра Бэрбэкина, но они не смогли это сделать, так как не могли проникнуть вовнутрь огорожененой территории. Петр им ответил, что стоит на своей земле. Действительно, земля со всех сторон огорожена, по всем четырем сторонам поставлены кресты и неоткуда туда проникнуть. Так Петр Бэрбэкин спасся от наказания.

К этому сюжету о плутовстве с землей при помощи ленты, нарезанной из бычьей шкуры, примыкают также мотивы заселения новых земель при помощи быка или переселения на новые земли на спине быка. Мотив заселения новых земель при помощи быка имеется и в зороастрийском тексте Бундахишн, где говорится о главах шести родов, которые на спине мифического быка переправились через озеро Воурукаша и заселили новые земли. Взято здесь

Поиски упоминаний о Дидоне, Карфагене и бычьей шкуре привели к НХ."...По ходу дела обратим внимание не только на имена Дидоны, но и на обстоятельства основания Карфагена. История с "бычьей шкурой", которой обнесли будущий город, по-видимому, скрывает в себе нечто вполне реальное и не столь сказочное, как нам внушают сегодня комментаторы. Скорее всего, основатели города обнесли стеной, ВАЛОМ, некоторое обширное пространство, внутри которого возвели строения. В славянском языке ВАЛ - крепостная стена, и ВОЛ - животное, бык, звучат практически одинаково. Отсюда же английское WALL = стена. Под пером переписчиков крепостной ВАЛ мог превратиться в ВОЛА-животное. Дальше заработала восторженная "античная" фантазия: шкуру вола якобы нарезали на тоненькие полоски, изготовили длинную-длинную ленточку и т.п. О реальном событии было забыто".Зная, что эта история запечатлена не только в античном срезе, но и в устном предании юкагир, тюрков Хорезма, туркмен и, наконец, Тибета, допущения "новой хронологии" (заработала восторженная "античная" фантазия), мягко сказать, ошибочны. И выводы, соответственно, - в лес и по дрова.Вывод довольно очевиден. У легенды есть событие-прообраз - здесь не как с потопом, который коснулся многих жителей Земли - прообраз этот не коренится в исторических мифах, а находится поглубже в подлинной летописи земных событий.Легенда о возникновении села Алтуд Кабардино-Балкарии. Умная женщина посоветовала мужу попросить у Хана кусок земли, который можно покрыть воловьей шкурой. Хан согласился. Кабард забил огромного вола, снял с него шкуру. Шкуру эту разрезали на тоненькие веревочки.  Вероятно это уже позднее использование легенды, но когда это село возникло?А вот совсем недавний случай.

Церковь Рождества Пресвятой Богородицы в станице Лысогорской построена в 1886 году мастерами из Воронежа, приглашёнными Лысогорскими казаками. Размеры церкви составляют длине шкуры барана, нарезанной на узкие ленточки. Существует об этом быль - легенда:Собрались Лысогорские казаки вместе и отправились к атаману Брянцеву, чтобы спросить разрешение на строительство. Привезли в подарок самого лучшего барана. Принял дар атаман, выслушал просьбу казаков, и немного помыслив, молвил: «Внимаю я и разрешаю строить православный храм на земле нашей, но при соблюдении малого условия – уместить церковь на шкуре барана, коего вы привезли мне».

Здесь явно идет заимствование. Так ли это с Иваном Великим, который использовал хитрый прием при получении земли от шведов.

Легенда об основании Ивангорода:

В 1345 году левобережные земли Принаровья переходят от датчан к Ливонскому ордену, купившему всю Северную Эстонию у прежних владельцев за 4,5 тонны серебра. Дабы обезопасить границы отечества, царь Иван III строит "... в лето 7000 (1492г.) ... град на неметцком рубежи, на реце на Нарове, и нарече Ивангород".

«Однажды русский царь был в гостях у шведского короля. Ели и пили вдоволь. В конце пира просит русский царь продать ему часть Нарвской земли. На что шведский король его спрашивает:

— Сколько же ты желаешь?

— Ах, много не хочу, - ответил хитрый царь, - только в величину лошадиной шкуры. Русский царь разрезал шкуру на тонкие-тонкие ремешки, связал их и получившейся веревкой обнес часть земли. Повелел выкопать новое русло для реки, которое бы отделило Город Лошадиной шкуры от Нарвы.»Где такое случилось впервые? Или все происходило почти одновременно, так как это случается с изобретениям, когда разные умельцы в разных странах, независимо друг от друга, с минимальной дельтой по времени запускают схожие проекты?

Оригинал взят у rodline в Карфаген и Тибет - что общего?


Снятие шкур — WoW JP

В этой статье Вы найдете всю информацию, касающуюся Снятия шкур в дополнении Legion, от способа прокачки до различных заданий, необходимых для полноценного освоения профессии. 


Что нового и уникального появилось в Legion?

Разумеется, в новом дополнении были добавлены рецепты, виды кожи, повысился максимальный уровень профессий. Но, кроме этого, Снятие шкур приобрело две особенности:

  • Теперь в нашей профессии имеются ранги. При получении нового ранга повышается шанс, что при свежевании игрок получит некий бонус к добыче.
  • Если Ваш уровень Снятия шкур низок - Вы не сумеете получать новые виды шкур с противников.


Как выучить Снятие Шкур в Legion?

Чтобы обучиться данной профессии для работы на Расколотых Островах, нужно обратиться к Derik Marks, который находится в кожевенной лавке в славном Парящем Городе(Даларане). Этот НПС даст вам квест Образец каменно-твердой кожи. Завершив его, Вы приобретете Шкуродер Легиона.


Как качать Снятие Шкур в Legion?

Для начала прокачки профессии подойдут все локации Расколотых Островов, кроме Сурамара. Поскольку в них - в Крутогорье, Валь'Шаре, Азсуне и Штормхейме - уровни заданий, наград и противников будут меняться в зависимости от Вашего уровня. Следовательно, выбирайте ту, что наиболее мила сердцу, и отправляйтесь совершенствовать свои навыки!

Сурамар - локация, предназначенная для игроков 110 уровня, а это значит, что до получения оного её посещать не следует - заданий нет, а противники будут существенно сильнее Вас.

Не забывайте, что собирать кожу с можно как с тех животных, которых убили лично Вы, так и с жертв других путешественников. Наиболее благоприятной территорией для прокачки Снятия Шкур является место в локации Крутогорье, связанное с заданиями от самого Хеминг Эрнестуэй! Неугомонный охотник вновь сумел найти "рыбное" местечко, и с радостью поделится добычей с игроком.


Виды кожи в Legion

Важно! Любую из данных видов шкур можно собирать в каждой локации Расколотых Островов!

  • Каменно-твердая кожа - данную кожу Вы сможете получить, убивая обычных животных, вроде медведей, оленей и т.д.
  • Штормовая чешуя - данную кожу Вы сможете получить, убивая земноводных - змеи, кроколиски, и прочие обитатели побережий.
  • Пропитанная Скверной шкура - очень интересная кожа! Её можно содрать... с демонов! Коих в новом дополнении очень и очень много. Появляется такая возможность, когда будет выполнено задание Образец пропитанной Скверной шкуры.
  • В локации Сурамар имеется шанс того, что при собирании шкур Вы получите ещё и Древняя мана.
  • Когда игрок получит определенные предметы, нужные для рецептов, появится шанс выпадения Целый зуб и Целый коготь вместе со шкурами.


Подробнее о рангах и заданиях!

Для получения нового ранга Вам будет нужно выполнить несколько квестов, которые Вы получите, собрав при свежевании квест-итем. Ранги дают определенные бонусы: 1 и 3 - повышают количество шкур, получаемых с некоторых видов животных. 2 ранг - игрок получит возможность добыть Кровь Саргераса, собирая кожу с некоторых видов животных.

Что же за задания такие и как их получить?

Квесты на Штормовую чешую:

  • Первый ранг. Когда, при сборе кожи, игрок так же получит Образец штормовой чешуи, в журнале появится задание Образец штормовой чешуи. Следующим заданием будет Сердцевина штормовой чешуи, для выполнения которого необходимо собрать 20 штук Заряд штормовой чешуи с живтных, с которых собирается Штормовая чешуя.
  • Второй ранг. С определенным шансом, при сборе кожи, игрок получит Неоконченный трактат о свойствах штормовой чешуи и в журнале отобразится соответствующее задание. Следующий квест - Глиель, который направит Вас в Азсуну на поиски девушки, которая бесцеремонно заставит выполнять ещё одно задание - Неприметные чешуйки.
  • Третий ранг. После получения при собирании кожи Безупречная штормовая чешуя, Вас отправят в Сурамар, к некоему Ске'Риту. Далее необходимо будет выполнить два задания:1. Легендарная чешуя - нужно будет отправиться... В старые рейды! Для того, чтобы собрать со старых боссов старые образцы чешуи. Вашими целями станут: Гнев Пустоты, Сартарион, Гаралон.2. Шкура Змеикса - собирайте группу, идите в Око Азшары, без жалости и сомнений убивайте босса Змеикса, затем проходите подземелье полностью. Теперь можно вернуться к НПС, давшему Вам задание, сдать его и получить 3 ранг.

Квесты на Каменно-твердую кожу:

  • Первый ранг. Когда, при сборе кожи, игрок получит Образец каменно-твердой кожи, в журнале появится задание Образец каменно-твердой кожи. Для выполнения дальнейшего задания Целиком и полностью необходимо будет получить 20 штук Целая шкура. Рекомендуется выполнять его в Валь'Шаре, убивая Яркокопытная олениха.
  • Второй ранг. С определенным шансом, при сборе кожи, игрок получит Обрывки штанов, а в журнале отобразится соответствующее задание. Дальнейший квест - Свобода передвижения, для выполнения которого придется собирать кожу с животных по всем локациям Легиона.
  • Третий ранг. После получения при собирании кожи Безупречная каменно-твердая кожа, Вас отправят к кому бы вы думали? Верно, к Ске'Риту, который даст два задания:1. Легендарные шкуры - держите путь в старые рейды. Необходимо будет убить Хорридона, Ледяного Рева и Оку'Тара.2. Шкура Фенрира - вступите в Чертоги Доблести, получите необходимый предмет с Фенрира, а затем пройдите подземелье полностью.

Квесты на Пропитанную Скверной шкуру:

Интересные интересности и  полезные полезности:

  • С ворлд босса Хумонгрис может выпасть Техника снятия шкур: бойня Легиона, позволяющая с определенной вероятностью при свежевании получить ещё и мясо!
  • Потрошение Легиона - позволяет с определенной вероятностью собирать чудно-скрюченный желудок при свежевании. Рецепт можно приобрести у Мэттью Рэбис.
  • Целый коготь - предоставляет возможность получения Целого Когтя при свежевании. Предмет может быть получен с обыкновенных существ на Расколотых Островах.
  • Целый зуб - предоставляет возможность получения Целого Зуба при свежевании. Предмет может быть получен с обыкновенных существ на Расколотых Островах.
  • Один известный дворф-охотник дает нам квест Шкуры Крутогорья, наградой за который будет косметический предмет - Монокль меткого стрелка. Аристократичненько!
  • Сеймур и Агнесса. Это задание направит Вас в Штормхейем, чтобы отыскать семью кожевенного дела мастеров. Далее последуют ещё несколько простых заданий, а вот награда за них - вовсе не простая, а крайне интересная и полезная. Мамин нож для снятия шкур - с данным ножиком Вы сможете собирать шкуры аж с расстояния до 35м. до цели! Сильно, не правда ли?
  • Локальные задания! Локальные задания - весьма интересная штука. Они подразделяются на множество типов, и один из них - задание профессий. За выполнение Вы будете получать разного рода награды и дополнительные очки навыка!


Взаимодействие Снятия Шкур и Кожевничества

Кожа, получаемая при снятии шкур, нужна для создания различных вещей кожевниками.



Спасибо, что прочитали данный гайд! Надеемся, Вы узнали полезную для Вас информацию, и станете настоящим мастером своего дела!