Вов эликсир древнего знания. Эликсир стремительного разума
История современного города Афины.
Древние Афины
История современных Афин

эликсир древнего знания. Вов эликсир древнего знания

Архиерей пламени - НИП - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Voxxel

Archiereus of Flame, can be located inside the Ordon Sanctuary, standing next to one of the four cauldrons in the corners (randomly selected).

Kiting tip: Today a Shaman pulled him out of Ordon Sanctuary and managed to kite him way back down to Wrathion at the Celestial arena to get server people help killing him. Timeless Isle rare elites have no faction-specific tag so everybody is able to loot him. Also has a fixed 39mil HP that does not increase by the number of people killing.

There's another version of this mob that can be summoned at 3-Breeze Terrace with the same loot table but different ID.

Drop was:Эликсир древнего знанияВневременная монета x 700

Комментарий от Valhauros

Archiereus is a Greek word for bishop (ἀρχιερεύς, literally "High Priest").

Комментарий от Lore

If you're interested in this or any of the other rare elites on the timeless isle, head over to the Wowhead Rare Elite Guide for more information including maps and loot lists.

Комментарий от Uinri

Okay, here's my guide to downing one of these guys. We had only a group of two and we killed the summoned version of him, but our strategy still applies.

1. First things first. Before you kill him, solo a bunch of the adds around him, namely the Kilnmasters and Chanters. The reason for this is that his abilities are all copied from them. The only hard part is that he combines the abilities of two different mobs which means there is a lot more to take care of. I can describe his mechanics all day long, but you're not going to get a feel for the fight unless you've taken each mechanic separately. Do not attempt to kill him unless at least one person in the group (make it yourself) can confidently solo a Kilnmaster/Chanter with 95% success rate.

2. Clear an area: regardless of whether you're killing him up top in Ordon Sanctuary or down below by the summoning stone, you're going to require a lot of room to kite and dodge. Clear the mobs both as practice for Archiereus of Flame and to give you some space. Watch out for patrols, for there are many in both areas.

3. Understanding the mechanic: Stuns and push backs don't work on him, and everything Archiereus of Flame does will two if not one-shot you. Do not bother with healers and tanks. This is not a fight for that. It's far more efficient to get an extra DPS instead. He has the below mechanics:

  • Blazing Blow (Kilnmaster): An uninterruptible cast-time AoE that creates a thin fan in front of him that hits you for about 300k (More than half your health). Sidestepping it is priority number one.
  • Eternal Kiln (Kilnmaster): A static, non attacking add that he summons which buffs his haste and damage, making every attack one shot. You will want to down this, but be careful. I find it helpful to avoid one Blazing Blow before switching targets to get into a rhythm. It is much harder to avoid BB during and immediately before and after the kiln because of tunnel vision and rhythm. Killing kilns activate any "on kill" abilities and heals you might have (Dark Succor, for example)
  • Flarecore Golem (Chanter): A slow-moving add that is too big to kill. You have to kite it, or it hits you for 100-200k on plate. Do not kite it straight back or you'll get BB to the face. Use a spiral out, or a S-shape pattern. You will get more than one golem at a time. They can also be stunned.
  • Fire Storm (Chanter): A "rain" mechanic that summons meteors over the a wide area. If you've killed any Jinyu rares in 5.0 you'll grasp this mechanic pretty fast. All it does is add to the chaos.
  • Cauterise (Chanter): An interruptible heal. This is the last in priority because it, strictly speaking, doesn't kill you. Interrupt it if you can, but don't sacrifice yourself for it. Slow and easy can still win the race

4. Working as a team: technically, this is a solo fight. He has no enrage mechanics and no melee hits. If you're patient, you can down him yourself. (You do have to burn him down as the 8th bulkiest mob on the island, more than even normal rare elites, behind Ordos, the Celestials, Evermaw and Vazuvius) However, a teammate speeds up the process and allows you to graveyard zerg him (the GY is quite close in both locations; closer by the summoning stone), as long as you don't all die to one mechanic.

5. Fatigue: this is perhaps the worst killer of them all, especially since it kills you at low enemy health. No matter how versed you are in the tactics and how good you are at your class, this is one hell of a fight; the mechanics are arguably more intense than any raid (one group wiper every ~3s or so), with no recourse to good healers or tanks. You will pull unexpected adds, die multiple times and stack up a repair bill. Keep it steady, don't let your anger or adrenaline get to you. Don't let a break in rhythm (since there is no phases or enrage, a rhythm is really important) throw you off. Don't despair if you miss a blazing blow or a cauterise. Bring friends who are willing to stick through with wipes. Two is more than enough, but the more the merrier.

Good luck.

Комментарий от TheManCalledZee

This rare NPC shares a name with the other Archiereus of Flame, which is spawned using a Scroll of Challenge at Three-Breeze Terrace.

This one does not count toward completing the The Archiereus of Flame quest.

Комментарий от Zeke911

So, can you only loot 1 of these a day?

Комментарий от peepjynx

Can you get the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge from this NPC when he's the summonable version? I've read no, I need confirmation.

Комментарий от rzzr

It is important to note that you can only loot this boss once a day. Probably to stop people spamming the challenge scrolls.

Комментарий от Varinn

i got one on my level 85 warlock which dropped off the summoned version.

i just dinged 85 and went to the timeless isle to tag the celestial for a chance to get some good loot for when im level 90 which it did and dropped the 553 pve legs so was happy about that and then i saw on my minimap this rare was up and so tagged it then this dropped.

i sent it to my level 70 DK and was getting 100-200k a quest and leveled to 75 in the hour.. i could of got to 76-77 but wasted half my time in orgrimmar catching the zepplin and flight paths.

Комментарий от snocharim

I have figured out a great trick to kill this guy. As i play with 200+ ping, avoiding the blazing blows as melee wasn't too easy and the fact that i play when the server is quiet. I got frustrated n such.

So to the point. BTW this mainly works for Horde (alliance can do it too but would take a hell of a lot longer.)

Kite the Archiereus of Flame to Huojin Landing (For those wondering. It's where the flight master to go back to pandaria is.)

Essentially what happens is, once one of his attacks hits a Huojin Sentry the sentry will aggro onto him.

The best part is!

The sentries are immune to any form of damage from AI mobs. I don't know why but they take 0 damage from AI mobs. they will tank and kill it.

IT WILL TAKE AGES. but you can just stand out of range of his attacks and go eat or something. there is a total of 6 Sentries that will attack him.

But if all works they will *!@# on him and you get a free kill. If you're ranged dps u can attack him to speed up the process. you can do the same for melee but u might die from spells and such.

Hope this helps the people who needed the kill but cant get a group :)

Комментарий от Eido

Note to transmog hunters:

The staff this NPC wields resembles: Шпиль алой боли.>>>> This staff is a random trash drop from Огненные Просторы.

Комментарий от ilostmahbucket

Tips on farming this item:

1) Krol the BladeElixir of Ancient Knowledge from Krol the Blade (respawns 35-50 minutes in NE Dread Wastes).

Macro for instant Krol the Blade tag upon spawn (it is often camped - try to use ability that doesn't need you to face target and has 40 yard range. Stand at tree with eggs/3 spider web lines and spam macro - can reach most spawn points from here):

#showtooltip/Target Krol the Blade/cast yourabilityhere

Tip: If you have a guildie/friend/2nd account, you can have that person tag the rare, stay alive until you sign in/get there, invite you, then both characters eligible to roll off on it. I used a second account to do this a few times.

2) Daily Archierius killElixir of Ancient Knowledge also drops from Ordon Sanctuary Archierius of Flame lootable once per day (respawns 45-90min) - the area that you need legendary cloak to get into. I can solo him as 576 ret, it's rather hard, get a group instead. Clear area, max range ability to pull without aggroing high priests. Loot is still per person even if in a group so don't worry about rolling off against others in your group for the Elixir). (The Three Breeze Terrace Summoned Arch is just a copy of this guy)


Archierius of Flame in Three Breeze Terrace (can only summon once and loot summoned Archierius once (per 90 character)- use 500 Timeless Coins for Scroll of Challenge from Vendor near Emperor Shaohao - requires Honored Rep with Emperor Shaohao to purchase - on east side of Celestial Court, goto Three Breeze Terrace NW of Celestial Court and click rock to summon him. If you don't have rep ask in general for someone to summon for you (tip. If you have rep but need coins, kill Evermaw, the summoned ship (both 60 min respawn timers - RareCoordinator addon tracks their time since last death if you want it), Huolon, or Cinderfall/other rares to get coins. (Big rare mobs drop 1k+ coins)

TLDR: Park a geared alt at Krol the Blade spawn, note time of death, come back 30 minutes later to wait for next respawn. During those 30 minutes swap to main and go and kill Archierius of Flames on Timeless Isle. I got 3 flasks in 24 kills of Krols/Archieriuses.

Комментарий от grinth2337

I'm sure many people are coming here to see if he is soloable. The answer is yes and he's still a jerk and doesn't drop the elixer.

Комментарий от Hallybel

I have read through the comments and there is a lot of confusion about this NPC being lootable only once a day so i have tested it today on my druid. I killed him 7 times in total and he was only lootable the first time. He dropped only coins that first time. People were speculating that as long as he doesn't drop an item or the elixir you could loot it again that same day until u get an actual item. It seems that is not the case.

Комментарий от isnipesu

Confirmed, can still loot Elixir after multiple kills on same day. Did twice today on two different toons.

Комментарий от Elbleino

Was the drop rate reduced significantly since the pre-patch? I've been farming it on my other characters, but once the pre-patch hit, I haven't gotten any to drop. I used to get about 2-4 a week.


Эликсир стремительного разума - Предмет


Комментарий от zmuci

Looking at this item, it will be tradable or sellable. Interesting.

Комментарий от Soeroah

I was invested enough when I thought it was just to level 84. Level 99 is pretty high! I wonder if it'll still be obtainable next expansion, or if it will be lost when Garrisons become redundant?

Комментарий от Voxxel

Because of it's short duration the best use may be right before handing in all 25 quests that you collected before.

For non-rested characters, additional bonus can be received by using Подношение Прародительнице воронов and other rested XP extending items before using this elixir.

Комментарий от Dogey

New Garrisons Missions

Эликсир стремительного разума Missions Elixir of the Rapid Mind

Item Tradable or Sellable Interesting

Комментарий от Bawkasaur

I obtained this item today from a rare Garrison Mission and it cannot be mailed to another server. So it isn't BoA. Little frustrating, I got excited because i'm leveling an alt on another server and I can't use this on them. :/

Комментарий от sunogad

Received Today, it is trade-able however it is consumed when used.

I used it on my level 93 toon and did 2 bonus objectives in Gorgrond before it expired and including the killing of the quest objectives I got 750k xp while rested and using the Лишнее зелье ускоренного обучения.

Комментарий от casonator

A 15min version of Эликсир древнего знания, but is sellable.

Комментарий от Heenicks

Do both XP boosting flasks work together? I tested this.

Эликсир стремительного разума + Эликсир древнего знания

Level 60 Goblin Hunter, full rested XP, no heirlooms, killing Голодный зловепрь

198xp with neither potion792xp with just Эликсир древнего знания (198 + (198 x 3))1386xp with both Эликсир стремительного разума and Эликсир древнего знания (198 + (198 x 3) + (198 x 3))

Based on this test...Yes, both boost XP when used together.Both buffs work at the same time, but don't boost each other.The XP you get is twice as much as using one potion, not 300% of the first potion's boost.XP + (XP x 3) + (XP x 3)

Other Notes:Both potions are consumed on use.While Эликсир древнего знания is account bound and can be mailed across servers or factions, Эликсир стремительного разума is not BoA and therefore cannot be mailed across servers or factions.Because Эликсир стремительного разума is not bound at all, you can put it up on the AH and make a good profit.

Edit: A friend just used Эликсир стремительного разума, and then died, and he still had 13 minutes of the buff left when he got back to the instance, so I believe it persists through death.

Hope this helps.

Комментарий от epicdeath

Consumed on use

Комментарий от Thrallscream

A marvelously painless way to level alts thanks to this potion. As other people have mentioned, the optimal use for this potion is to do as many Bonus Objectives (BO's) as you can. DO NOT COMPLETE THE OBJECTIVE. Instead, leave one last mob or item so you can come back and finish it ASAP.

The best level I found to start is roughly 96 to 97. With a little planning, you can zap your way to 100 in 15 minutes, on one potion if you're fast enough.

Things to maximize XP gain:

- Wear your heirlooms. Even if you don't have the proper set (Warrior, wearing cloth etc). You'll easily be able to kill anything anyway so it's not a big deal.

- Pop an Лишнее зелье ускоренного обучения

- Be rested if possible.

- Spires of Arakk - Choose Tavern for 20% XP boost

- Complete as many quests in outposts as possible. Typically when taking flights between Bonus Objectives you'll no doubt be landing in or leaving an outpost. What I did was complete as many quests as possible in Beastwatch and Voljin's Pride (You get 3 big group quests that are worth alot) so when I finished up in Gorgrond, I'd fly to Voljins Pride, turn in quests, finish BO's, fly to and finish Talador BO's and haul ass to Axefall and knock out the Mire BO and Sabermane BO. By the time I turned in everything I went from early 96 to 99 and 7 bubbles. Started one more BO in Nagrand and dinged 100 before finishing.

All this assumes you haven't done ANY BO's up to 96ish. Your mileage may vary depending on how fast you travel, who you kill, how many quests you turn in during travel time, how many XP boosting perks you have and what route you take.

Final advice. Do a trial run before you pop the potion so you can time it exactly and don't get stuck or dazed by MOBS. Seconds matter. I barely made the last BO because I got dazed riding to it.

Good luck!

UPDATE: On my second run with two potions and 30 minutes, I went from 92 to 100 using a two potion strategy. Obviously this doesn't count the time it takes to get BO's all set up for completion and opening outposts in Gorgrond and Spires. Tack on an additional 2 hours for that. Overall I'd say it took 4 hours to go from 90 to 100 on two potions using this strategy. Not bad. So that's 90 to 95 including initial Garrison Quest up to BIGGER IS BETTER. BO set up in FFR and Gorgrond Outpost Unlock, finish on potion 1. Repeat BO setup for Talador and Spires on potion 2. Again your mileage may vary. I get distracted easily though, so someone with the focus of a samurai might be able to do all this in half the time.

If you for some reason don't ding 100, the Nagrand BO's will throw you over easily.

Комментарий от Gormadok

to be honest - item for noobs. long long time ago, you had to exp your way to max lvl. today blizz is doing everything to save time for lazy noobz. i exped 5 100s without heirlooms and now im trying to exp 2 more just to come back to those bright days when everything wasnt under your nose. to reach 100 from 90 you dont need help - its a tutorial game without any sideways - just go here, take all quests, do them, move there. blizzard destroyed this games.

Комментарий от tcoe

Can someone give a little better description for these.Like how much Arch do you have to do for the mission to unlock or what not ?Any information on getting them other then the Auction house :)

Комментарий от TheManCalledZee

The kind of item that sits in your bag/bank forever, while you plot and plan the perfect time and manner in which you can use it.

Комментарий от grouchyy

Before I go and buy a bunch to level an alt, are these able to be mailed cross-server?

Комментарий от excoriate

THIS IS 1-TIME USABLE. Be careful if you buy it. I know some people have made same mistake.

Doesn't matter if you're noob or veteran. Unfortunally you couldn't know this because TOOLTIPS are BAD as not all elixirs in this game are 1-time usable.

Personally I would avoid this at all cost and recommend multiboxing with raf instead. 8k is too much for 15minutes.

1-85 = raf + 40 granted lvls and 85-100 level with 200 rested xp.

Raf = 7 euros when discount. last 30 days instead 15minutes and on all chars.

Комментарий от Ulsaki

Stacks with the Recruit a Friend (RAF) bonus experience, providing you meet all requirements.

Combined, it means a rather obscene level of experience.

Комментарий от Stormeey

i haven't seen here in any posting whether the buff applies to the exp gains from picking up treasures. Because rested, heirlooms, the elixir + potion + soon flying to the previously prepped BO as stated earlier + buff to exp gains from treasures (soon easier to get with flying) sounds pretty yummy to me.

Anyone know if the buff applies to the exp gain from picking up treasures ?

Комментарий от Darkestdion

I can confirm the buff persists through death, unlike the Эликсир древнего знания buff.

Комментарий от kirrud92

I'm curious... Is it possible to get multiples of this mission on one character? Or is it like the Halanni War/Research Token one that's once you get/complete it it's gone?

Got my first one today and since its consumed on use I want to know if I can just wait it out to get a chance at another, plus even with 3 675 people it's only an 81% chance (which I'm sure will go through but I dislike trying anything lower)

I appreciate any info given <3


Комментарий от Photekz

I totally recommend doing Gorgrond to max the experience gain of this potion. Once you hit 92 head over to Gorgrond pop a Garrison exp potion, choose the Sparring Arena and follow this comment to loot as many quest items as possible on each use of the Garrison Ability (Честь героя). Do the Main and the Sparring Arena chain-quests until you are sent back to Beastwatch, kill the special elite mobs along the way for Охотник на монстров Горгронда and also work on each Bonus Objective leaving only 1 kill to finish each one Перевыполнение плана. Queue for a Random Dungeon and use the potions seconds before the last boss dies then run around finishing the Bonus Objectives and hearthing back to Beastwatch to finish every quest.

If you follow this you will hit 100 even without rested.

PS: don't forget to wear your heirlooms!

Комментарий от excoriate

This is 1-time usable. Be careful if you buy it. I know some people have made same mistake.

Doesn't matter if you're noob or veteran for not knowing this. Not every elixir in game is 1-time usable. Wish there were more accurate info in tooltip.

Комментарий от Phaethor

Best used if you can turn in several completed quests at once. Bonus objectives award big xp with buff. So find some that are clustered together and do most of each objective without actually completing. Then pop xp potions and run through and complete all the partially completed objectives. (Untested). Another idea is to gather as many of the elite big monster kills that drop the quest (can't remember what it's called) and turn them all in with the buff.

Комментарий от Phaethor

This will be crazy once we can fly.

Комментарий от Blackbeardswe

Gonna use one at 99 for scientific reasons.

works when lvl 99, you get around 350 000 XP for each Bonus Objective with looms and 20%xp garrison flask.

Комментарий от Malachi256

This works with EXP missions. Probably not as efficient as doing bonus objectives, quest batches, or treasures as others have stated, but it's pretty low maintenance - just log in, complete/queue-up missions, log out.

Комментарий от madseasonshow

In terms of leveling from 90-100, I made a little guide on how to use these as effectively as you can.

With the recent addition to flying in draenor, you can level from 90-100 really quickly using only 3 of these if you have a few things. You can go through 3 zones(Долина Призрачной Луны, Горгронд, Пики Арака) and complete bonus objectives/grab treasures for some insane xp. For this method you will require:

So, basically what you need to is pretty straightforward. Go to each of these zones(Долина Призрачной Луны -> Горгронд -> Пики Арака) and complete every bonus objective up to 1 kill or item pickup. After you do that, pop your xp pots and get as many treasures/bonus objectives as you can within 15 minutes(duration of the elixir of the rapid mind). I made routes of each zone that grab every bonus objective and all of the easy treasures, taking special care to avoid treasures that are deep within caves or heavily guarded because they would slow you down too much.

You can find the routes here (dem MS paint skills!)

A special note for all of you Hordies out there: You wont get bonus objectives for Shadowmoon Valley since it's an Alliance zone. So, before you start the route, complete every bonus objective(3) in Хребет Ледяного Огня up to 1 kill and set your hearth to Wor'gol. Follow the route for shadowmoon valley and grab all of the treasures. As soon as you grab the last one, hearth to Wor'gol and finish up those bonus objectives. I have a small route for Frostfire Ridge in the link above for you to use.

As I said, going through just these 3 zones is more than enough to get you to 100. I've leveled a few characters this way and I usually hit 100 about halfway through the spires of arak route, so it also has some cushioning if you mess up with your potions at some point. If you have some extra gold to drop, you can buy 2 elixirs of the rapid mind for each zone if you don't want to speed run it. It is possible to do all if these routes in one potion, however.(with Spires of Arak being the longest)

Factoring the time it takes to run each zone(SMV = 12 minutes, Gorgrond = 10, Arak = 15) and combining it with the time it takes to clear the bonus objectives up to one kill, travel, etc, you can go from 90-100 in around 2 hours.(give or take)

I also made a video version of the guide if you want to see the routes in action.

If you have any corrections/optimizations let me know. I'm sure these routes aren't 100% perfect and any feedback is appreciated.

Edit: I also made a wowhead guide that goes into a little more detail. You can find it here.

Hope you found it helpful! Good luck! :D

Комментарий от stickshift

Save these bad boys now for your Demon Hunter coming in the (probable) late 2016 expansion unless you plan on coughing up $60.00 for a Level 90 Boost.

With about twenty or thirty of em you should hit 100 in a day or two.

Комментарий от Telar

I created a Video Guide for a speed leveling, 94 – 100 in 11 min:


(This Videos are in german, but maybe it can help you nevertheless)

Комментарий от Ashton

I'd rather make sure than buy this and have no use for it other than a hopeful resale, but can this be mailed across faction?

Комментарий от Fose

My brother and I finished Frostfire ridge and immediately went into Gorgrond with 1 Elixir of the rapid mind and 1

garrison xp pot, we went from level 93 to 99 in under 10minutes! the set up is the hard part.

First you complete as many quests as possible (we had 14) without having the monster hunter quests, then ofc you get the 8 monsters

quests and complete all bonus objectives except leave 1 mob or object that needs collecting/destroying, now these

steps have all been mentioned before but what we added was we queued for a dungeon and drank the elixir and

potion right before the final boss had died (got Iron Docks and it gave us about 350k xp with no looms) then we

focused on doing the objectives first then handed in the quests and reached level 98 with 6-7 minutes left on the elixir

which we then used to collect treasures and managed to get 1 bonus objective in Talador.

Happy leveling, it was probably the most exciting and tense leveling experience I've ever had! (I posted this in the guide comments but thought i'd better share this here) we had no heirlooms as well!

Комментарий от majabitan

It should be noted that if you are poor in game and out of game with no way to buy these things... there is an easy way to level up from 90-100 without being lagged down by quests and the like. As long as you have flying, just fly around collecting all the treasures in the zones. Collecting 90ish% of treasures in each zone will get you from 90-100, and it is very doable in a day (whatever you play in a 24 hour period, not 24 hours play time).

Комментарий от Souwx

As it hasn't been mentioned yet, the "Smells faintly of lavender." caption is a reference to Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.

Комментарий от OreoLover

Maximizing XP Elixirs (Ancient Knowledge + Rapid Mind) - MIGHT BE DEAD

Using this Elixir, pet battling and Эликсир древнего знания, you can blast through levels

Takes ~4 for 1-90 this way, ~3 for 90-100 following another guide

Комментарий от jlrf1963

Consumed on use. Choose well yours 15 min increased XP.

Комментарий от 95alle95

This elixir do stack if you drink 2 at the same time, got over 400k experience from one bonus objective!

Комментарий от devoile

So, does anyone know what exactly triggers this mission, granting the elixir as a reward? I have this mission pop on two of my toons ALL the time, have gotten several fairly regularly, but on other toons, I have never seen it, not even once. I know there is something that differentiates them, but I can't figure it out.

Комментарий от potrock

Turns out an accident of mine caused me to power through all of pandaria in about 10 minutes, the potions stack with themselves, and the dread wastes BoA treasures gave almost half a level with 2 of these babies

Комментарий от Dragonarcher

Hello everyone!

A few months back i used to buy these potions to make alot of new mages on the other server merged with my current main one, these potions cost roughly 4500-5000 gold each at that time, same with the Medallion of the legion.

Since the new Winter Veil quest that can bring you this, medallion, frozen arm and minion of grumpus, everyone has been getting these items and the market has been broken for a time now and will most likely continue until the event is over.

In my server, so far i have bought around 34x Potions for a price of 18500 Gold, if i would have bought these back when i leveled it would be 100k+, so if you are planning to level new characters, buying these now might be a cheap and good idea if you do not have alot of gold, or if you want to make some gold (like myself)

I am currently saving all the elixirs i buy from the house (1000-1500 g each) and the ones i get myself until after the event to profit from them.

When it comes to the medallion of the legion, they are often going for 1500-2200 and i buy them super fast to earn a little buck the same day (often twice that amount)

Frozen arm lands somewhere on 200-500 Gold, and can be sold for a bit higher.

Might get loads of downvotes because of this, really dont care tho since id thought i share how i am currently making my gold and thought that others would want to know.

Thank you


Комментарий от champkung

Does this works on a level 99 char? (from 99 on the way to 100 that is)

Комментарий от Asmantur

You can use more than one ! Just confirmed today when i hit 100 in 30 minutes. The thing is you gotta buy 2 of them because they consume on use!

Комментарий от Malfious

You cannot use more than 1 elixir as they go on a 10m cooldown, using it again after 10m will just refresh it, wasting those last 5 mins

Комментарий от txgadget

since i reached level 100 this item dosn't seem to show up inmissions im at 695 armor and have 25 level 675 followers

Комментарий от Telar

Hey Guys,

i wanna show you how to get over 2300 % EP Boni.


6150 EP - 100 % normal9532 EP - 155 % full Gear (+ 2 Rings)18450 EP - 300 % RAF 28598 EP - 465 % RAF + GEAR (300 % from 9532 EP)

46432 EP - 755 % full Gear + 2x 300 % Flask139298 EP - 2265 % full Gear + 2x 300 % Falsk + RAF Boni

141142 EP - 2295 % full Gear + 2x 300 % Flask + RAF Boni + 10 % Buff (Darkmoon Faire/Event Buff)

All Stuf + Darkmoon Faire + Event Buff = 2325 %.

I made a Video where you can see the calculation.

Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpVgtRMrCqg(This Videos are in german, but maybe it can help you nevertheless)

Комментарий от Telar


i wanna show you how to level from 1 - 90 in 48 min with both 300 % flask + RAF + EP-GEAR

Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKnMqrYi5XE(This Videos are in german, but maybe it can help you nevertheless)

Комментарий от necrosaro123

How should i use this elixir?

Here is how:

1- Get a friend (or your own alt from another account) that is at least lvl 152- Take your friend with you (2 seats flying mount) to the dungeon3- Get the two of you inside the dungeon4- Make your friend drink the elixir (doing dungeon quests is optional)5- Ask him to log off6- Pull all the adds of the dungeon and go to the last boss of the dungeon7- Ask your friend to log in8- AOE adds and last boss, Kill Them All!9- Get out of the dungeon, reset it and get inside again10- Repeat until the elixir wears off or your friend is high enough21- Move to another dungeon and do the same thing again.

Try to be smart with the time left on the potion, you can get tons from those 15min, so try doing dungeons that are close to each other, for example: Auchindoun dungeons, 4 dungeons in the same place in BC.

Комментарий от JustBecause

I got one of these on a level 42 toon. I went to darkmoon faire with all the turn in quest items (egg, grimmore, ect) I drank the potion and turned in all the quest (there is about 10 of them) plus the profession quest and leveled 4 levels in 10 minutes. I plan on doing this every month. It's crazy easy.

Комментарий от Hush564

I got this as a drop from a low lvl dungeon? Not really sure when I picked it up but it was in my bags and I've only ran dungeon finder :/

Комментарий от bhob

Good news is that these did not change on the beta.

Комментарий от bonecoll

If this elixir have big price on your realm or you do not want to spend on them too much gold, you can buy one and level up from 92 to 100 for about one hour.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLhOZ16FAXQ

Комментарий от linny

Just so you know these are NOT reusable. They CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. So, after it expires you have to have more potions in your bag. Total waste of gold. They go for 6,000 gold on my realm. I got two (one for myself and one for a family member who plays) thinking, at that price (and from the description that says 10 min cooldown) that, after 10 mins, I can click it again to refresh it. But, once you drink it its gone. We were going to use it while questing but only got one quest done before it was gone and wasted all that gold on my alt.

Комментарий от anselmoo

As a non beta player, I'm just checking but I assume there's no way of funnelling one of these to a DH in the starter area to get a quicker level to 100 doing that? I literally have no use for this otherwise now as I don't want any more alts having one of each class.

Комментарий от tiggerbox29

Can anyone confirm these still drop from the Garrison missions? I havent seen one drop from my many alts since 7.0 and iam hoping blizzard hasnt removed them like they have removed alot of other useful stuff.

Комментарий от alabastor29x

This item will be upgraded to level 109 in legion?

Комментарий от Tenjen

August 2016. The pre-expansion Legion event is the best time to use it. The event gives tons of xp for each stage. If you use this, it gives you 235k Xp a pop and 320k xp for the final stage. Just stand in a building nice and safe and it still count. Save these for the later weeks when they start ramping up and occur constantly because you will level up like MAD.

Комментарий от GordonBuchat

The Elixir of the Rapid Mind showed up today 9/12/16 on Khaz-Modan/Azjol-Nerub's Black Market Auction House (BMAH).

It currently has a bid of 1337g, so perhaps the starting price was 1000g.

It does NOT appear that this item has been updated for Legion, as the tooltip reads: "Increases experience gain by 300% for 15 min. Does not work for players above level 99."

If the tooltip is correct and the item is not updated for Legion, you wouldn't be able to use it at level 100 and above, which means not being able to use it for running through Legion content.

Комментарий от Dragonarcher


Комментарий от Dragonarcher

About one week ago, i decided that i wanted to try n lvl a new mage with my friend (him being a tank) fast que and so on with rapid potions.

I spent a considerable amount of money buying 8 potions for me and 8 potions for him.

Everytime the both of us had about twenty seconds remaining of our potions, and we were just about to head for a new boss, we refilled the buff with another 15m potion, boss died and the buff suddenly vanished.

Talked to a game master about this issue, did a bug report, since both of us lost around 4x potions each (we timed it sometimes to not use it b4 a new boss, but in time we forgot about it and kept doing the same thing)

Today i bought a bunch for myself to level a new mage (yes i like mages alot) and i was in the nexus, had about 10 seconds remaining, while we were running for the giant stone boss (just b4 the last boss) so i thought to myself, i want that extra xp from the boss, so ill just use a potion now (15m buff shows up in the corner) boss dies, and it vanishes once again, me standing there with a cooldown on the rapid potion, and no buff to be seen.

Комментарий от EmpressMuerte

ALERT: Sept 2016: New location to purchase this item @ only 551 gold!

You can now purchase this wonderful item for only 551 gold & you can send it to your less-than-level-99 alts to get them leveled in the same faction on the same realm as your toon that buys it. **Plan well** Find Madam Goya @ the Black Market Auction House in the Underbelly section of the (Legion) Dalaran sewer, Tom-Tom coordinates 71.0, 19.2. Happy leveling!

Комментарий от Xinay

These have jumped to 15k~ on my server.Regret selling for 6k.

Комментарий от Morphling1981

These have reached the status of "kind of hard to acquire". It is semi-confirmed that the garrison mission is gone, I have seen nothing to confirm they still drop anywhere else. If you are sitting on some you can get a premium. If somehow they are still plentiful on your server, buy, Buy, BUY! They are finite now if you don't count the BMAH. If I am wrong, please correct me!

Комментарий от kabookiejoe

Response I got from a GM regarding these and garrison mission tableGame Master Rhikalos here to assist! I appreciate you taking the time to seek me out and I do apologize for any delays in my response.

I see you were after some of the Elixir's of the Rapid Mind but haven't had much luck on being able to track any down. I have ran through to see if I could find more details on this particular item but so far I'm afraid I haven't found any confirmation if this was removed or if this was possibly a bug.

At the very least I was able to get this reported to our QA team to investigate if this is a bug that needs to get addressed but that aside not much else we'd be able to do if the item does happened to be removed or limited to places like the BMAH.

Комментарий от beeru67

Saw it on the BMAH a few nights ago. Guess its been removed from the garrison table.

Комментарий от lalkzo

Can Savage Gift still drop these?

Комментарий от arunwlh

As 7.1.0 savage gifts from the draenor winter veil dailies can drop this

Комментарий от Kriskros

These are now in limited supply and cannot be obtained ingame at time of writing

. Although the AH has been flooded with the ones people received from Christmas boxes, hold for a month or two and they will be worth upwards of 25k

Jan 2017

Комментарий от davidgabriel

I just went from level 92 to 100 with Эликсир стремительного разума. If you are looking for a guide to use this elixir and follow here it is -

1.) What I did was got to lvl 92 then did all of Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond bonus objectives except for 1 mob in each objective.

2.) Next I set my hearth to "Keeper" the rat in Gorgrond and went to the first bonus objective in Frostfire Ridge on the far left side.

3.) Then I qued for a random dungeon and when the last boss was almost dead I popped my elixir (my garrison exp potion was active as well) and got bonus xp from dungeon.

4.) When I got out of the dungeon I went right into the bonus objective and then used garrison hearthstone.

5.) Then I proceeded to the next two in Frostfire Ridge and hearthed to "Keeper" the rat in Gorgrond.

6.) I did the rest in Gorgrond and even turned the pet battle daily I set up along the way down to the last bonus objective.

7.) At this point I was lvl 99 and had 8 minutes left on my elixir.

8.) I took advantage of this last 8 minutes and went to Talador and did the Logging objective and Kuuro objective - that got me to lvl 100.

I did all of this with 1 elixir. When WOD was current you would have to use 2 elixirs to get to 100. Now it seems that is not the case. I know there are a lot of guides and people do this different ways but this recently worked for me and is current as of the time of this post and detailed so you can follow it. If you do this you will go from 92-100. You have to start at 92 so Gorgrond and Frostfire objectives are both unlocked. ENJOY!

Комментарий от silentlyfree

Went from 92 to 100 using one elixir but without queing for dungeon.

<Elixir/Pots>1 Elixir of the Rapid Mind2 Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning

<Heirlooms>HelmShouldersForgot to equip CloakChestLegsRing (if you don't have ring, cloak has same %)

<Etc> - Fully rested - 310% flying speed - Hearth set at Beaker's Crown in Gorgrond

At level 90 I started with the garrison quest and followed the questline throughout Frostfire RidgeThis list came in handy when tracking the storyline: http://wow.gamepedia.com/Frostfire_Ridge_storyline#Defense_of_Wor.27golBy the time I set up all the quests I was halfway through level 92.

<Quests in Frostfire Ridge that I saved to turn in with Elixir>Articles of the Fallen (13.8k)Karg Unchained (13.8k) - NOTE: don't need to fly down to Grom'Gar to turn in. Before turning in Battle of Thunder Pass an NPC should appear on the ground.Shivertail's Den (13.8k)The Cure (13.8k)The Warlord's Guard (13.8k)Wanted: Gutsmash the Destroyer (20.7k)Young Hearts (13.8k)A Proper Parting (13.9k)Frosted Fury (13.9k)Gut Guttra (13.9k)Lurkers (13.9k)Poulticide (13.9k)The Battle of Thunder Pass (125.7k) << Big XP

<Bonus Objectives turned in with Elixir>Forbidden Glacier (69.1k)Frostbite Hollow (69.8k)Grimfrost Hill (69.8k) Tailthrasher Basin (70.5k)Ruins of the First Bastion (70.5k)The Forgotton Caves (70.5k)Mistcreep Mire (69.8k)Iyun Weald (69.8k)Valley of Destruction (70.5k)

Route: Started Northwest of Bladespire Citadel. Popped Elixir of Rapid Mind and Accelerated learning potion and turned in quests. Flew to Bladespire Citadel to turn those in. Flew to Worgol, then diagonally up. Turned in quests at Darkspear's Edge FP, then went up to the northernmost Bonus Obj. Flew south to Grimfrost Hill and turned in there, and while flying to Wolf's Stand turned in Karg Unchained since the NPC follows you around so you can turn in. Hearthed as soon as I turned in Battle of Thunder Pass which hearthed me to Breaker's Crown in Gorgrond. Finished bonus objectives right next to it, then the Iyun Weald. Then pretty much finished the bonus objectives on the way south.

By then I was mostly through level 99. I sat at: 503,594/651,000.The elixir ran out before I finished Morgran Logworks (71.9k) in Talador, but when I finished it with the Accelerated Learning still active I hit 100 anyway.

Комментарий от pengster

Finally sold mind yesterday for 65k on the AH.

Комментарий от KzanolNS

Is anyone aware whether this item is still available to be acquired via garrison missions or has it been removed when Legion started, just like the gold rewards?

Комментарий от Blaen

As of October 2017, has this got a reduced duration? I've used rapid minds for a long while now to level alts via the pet battle system and handing in the quests on the char I'm levelling. My current levelling char only used a potion a few days ago, but when I logged him in yesterday I noticed he only had 2 minutes left on the duration, yet he should be around 12 minutes based on number of times he's logged in since taking it.

One of three things must have happened:1) Something odd lost potion duration - probably unlikely2) I forgot to log him out - very unlikely seeing I hit the log out button immediately after doing the quests and I've done this for many alts.3) The potion duration has been lowered from 15 minutes - again seems unlikely without some warning, when this one runs out I'll splash out on another and update this post.

Комментарий от xpuntar

So this elixir is now (Legion) actually removed from garrison mission list?

I just checked AH in game (EU-Tarren Mill - Horde) It is pretty much ridiculous that players want around 80k+ gold for it

Why not make it BoA and "relist" it back in the game? In exactly the same way as Elixir of Ancient Knowledge

Комментарий от Magnitudinus

It seems like these no longer drop from the boxes from the Winter Veil event. This means that they are no longer obtainable in the game at this point.

Комментарий от muviefreak1

No longer Obtainable in game as of 16th December 2017

Комментарий от Itfiggures

As of festive season 2017 this no longer drops from Опасный подарок. So if you have the mount etc, save yourself the grind on these.

Thanks for ruining Christmas Blizz, you pack of muppets!

Комментарий от Dilph

Elixir of the Rapid Mind No longer available form Savage Gift as of 7.3.2

Комментарий от schmilblick

This one and Эликсир древнего знания are likely removed from the game and no longer drop.

Комментарий от Posh

I had 22 of them in my bank across various toons, and when I went to go use one, it was completely missing. On every toon! 7.3.5 must have killed them, yet there are several on the auction house.

Anyone else have their elixir's go missing?

Комментарий от wtfear

Got one from the AH for 64K, went from level 94.4 to about 99 in 15 minutes and then time ran out. I got to 100 in about 30 more minutes with about 4 more bonus objectives. Good enough. I had heirlooms and the garrison 20% XP potion. Saved me a lot of time. One bonus objective gave me half a level.They should not have gotten rid of it. Its unfair for players. It already has a lvl 99 limit so whats the problem? They can put a usage limit on, say you can use it once a month account-wide. But most of everything they do is a knee-jerk reaction.For quests I did all the bonus objectives I could do and left one or two mobs alive. A few mistakes made. I didnt have flying so I used all the 15 minutes in Gorgrond and it was fine.

Комментарий от redfinale

should still be in game. It's just a rare drop from a rare spawn. Rapid Mind is a reward from garrison missions as well. Since fewer people do garrison content as it's older content, you won't see as many on the AH


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